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How do i kill a nerve in a broken tooth?

All of the recommendations of going to a dentist are very good. Unless, of course, you're like me and are so far below the poverty line that homeless people give you hand-outs when you walk down the street without being asked. And it's true that alcohol, placed on a cotton ball, will numb the pain. But if you work, it might cause you some problems. Try swishing soda (such as a Coke) around the tooth. This will give you temporary relief from the pain. There is also a product called "Ora-Gel" that might help a little. Normally when the "nerve" of the tooth hurts, it's from an absess. The puss from this is actually very dangerous to your system, not to mention painful. You can give yourself some relief (although dentists warn that this can weaken your gums) by trying to squeeze the base of the tooth. It's going to hurt, but you might be able to force some of the infection out. Don't be surprised if it opens up on the side of the gum, looking like a blister.

How do i kill a nerve in a broken tooth?
You don't. You go to a qualified dentist.
Reply:The killing of the nerve should be left to a dentist, but in the meanwhile you can dull the pain by chewing on a clove (the ones used in the kitchen).
Reply:sorry to say but a root canal. ive had three, i broke my front tooth in grade three on a kids head. i was so scared of the dentist that i waited till it was infected until i did something about it . its better to get it over with.
Reply:go to the dentist and tell him to pull it off.
Reply:for the time being, you can probably swish some vodka around in your mouth. its an old remedy for mouth pain
Reply:put vodka on a cotton ball and stick it in the cavity or use maxium strength nite time orajel pm
Reply:Go get a dental first aid kit to use until you get to the dentist. It should contain Eugenol, the pharmaceutical name for clove oil. You can also get this from your pharmacist, usually without a prescription.

My daughter broke a molar on our trip this summer and was in a lot of pain. Found the dental 1st aid kit, complete with temporary filling material in the same aisle as toothcare/anbesol etc. at an all night grocery. Albertson's I think? About $7, Good luck.
Reply:To my knowledge a root canal is the best action to take
Reply:you yourself can not do so you need to go to the dentist to have it repaired or the mean time use clove oil and put a piece of cotton over the tooth.before i had mine done i used it and it works great better than oral gel or the other junk they sell.good luck i know it sucks to have a tooth ache worse pain in the world
Reply:hi..i m a dentist..its not permenant solution and not good idea that u kill ur nerve by last u ll have to go dentist for that tooth so go to dentist immediatelyand doctor will cure u..

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