Friday, July 31, 2009

Why do my teeth keep breaking?

I don't really eat candy or pop so WTH? Why do my teeth keep chipping and breaking. I am only 30 and I don't smoke meth.

Any help?

Anything I can do?

Why do my teeth keep breaking?
Hormonal changes..As we age,our teeth will be get more sensitive and more weaker... U don't eat candie's..,how bout crabs?...yeah!u should see a Dentist at once!before it gets worst...or you'll regret it....U'll never get to enjoy your food with an 'artificial teeth'...Im sure u wouldn't want that to happen,do u?so i suggest seeing a dentist is a"must"....Go! ASAP...At the mean time drink plenty of milk,it helps 2 strenghten your gums and teeth...aside from brushing twice or thrice a day....

Reply:Yikes!! I would go to the dentist....ASAP! Maybe you need more calcium in your diet!
Reply:Sorry I don't have the answer but you should visit your dentist, she/he knows what is the problem and what you need!
Reply:Maybe it is a thing in your genetics? If you can ask your older family members if they have this problem.
Reply:I had that problem with my bottom molars the(the last ones in the very back), I was grinding my teeth and they started cracking. I had to have them removed. Night guard for me!
Reply:I am not sure but I think that it's because you need some calcium but for more accurate results you should go to the dentist.
Reply:This is a question you need to ask your dentist. Only your dentist has a clue what is wrong with your teeth and why this happens. You should be seeing your dentist every 6 months for routine checkups if you do not have one scheduled soon then make and appointment and get this done and talk to your dentist about this.
Reply:If you are preg or have recently had a baby this could be the reason. If not I know a woman who' s saliva is to acidic for her teeth and she has the same problem She has to coat her teeth with milk of magnesia before bed . I think you better get to a really good dentist!
Reply:not enough calcium
Reply:I'd say you have some type of vitamin or mineral deficiency. You should see a dentist or a doctor.
Reply:Hun not to be to nosy but are u bulimic or anorexic?Because both will defiantly destroy Ur teeth.Bulimia from vomiting and anorexia from lack of food and nutrition.I am not trying to spiteful or mean, I am just concerned.But I will tell u if u aren't either, id definitely see a dentist.Could even be a medication that Ur on.


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